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Ice World W.L.L is the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged Ice Cubes Products in Middle East. Over the years Ice World has earned a standing as a leader in Ice Cube Production in all over Qatar. With our quality and high service levels, Ice World has become the provider of choice for customers coast to coast. Ice World is the leader in providing consumers and businesses with ice products in the quantities they need and with the quality they demand.  Wherever there is a need for ice, Ice World has ice products toh fill the need.



Ice World W.L.L leads the packaged ice industry in innovation and development.  We maintain a world-class logistics system, reinforced by our proprietary Ice Production technology which allows us to produce our quality ice products right at the customer’s location, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

Our network of distributors and associates allows us to provide localized service to meet the individual needs of all our customers. The Ice World W.L.L is committed to providing all of our customers with a superior product, and service which is second to none. We believe that a constant and reliable supply of ice is key to the success of all of our customers.

The company’s core focus is on customer satisfaction, hygienic products and advanced technologies to put into practice a distinctive approach.


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  1. Ice crisis: Rapid response deliveries
  2. Backup ice: Peace of mind at peak periods .
  3. Extra ice: Plenty of ice when you want it
  4. Caterers' ice: Timed deliveries to your premises or to site
  5. Here at The Ice Co° we purify and filter our water, and our production is micro-biologically tested. (In other words it's lovely and pure)
  6. The clever, super modern machines that make our ice are fully automated so our ice is never touched by hand and comes out perfect.
  7. A bag or bucket of ice in your freezer means you always have ice in an instant, whenever you need it.
  8. Our ice comes in party friendly size 2kg and 3 kg bags.
  9. Our ice stays frozen for around 8 hours out of the freezer giving you bags of time to get it home from the shops.
  10. We make ice in cubes, crush and flakes.
  11. You can pick up a bag at your local supermarket, you've guessed it... in the freezer aisle, also available in most off licenses - just ask!
  12. No little blue bits of ice cube bag in your drink ever again.
  13. No more banging those ancient, ice cube trays on the kitchen work top and no risk of cross contamination or smell.

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Latest Project In Qatar

Sharq Crossing-Doha Bay crossing

Work on the $5bn Sharq Crossing project, previously known as the Doha Bay crossing and expressway project, is advancing with the US-based Fluor Corporation winning the contract. The company has been awarded a $185m contract with Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to provide project management and construction supervision services for the Sharq Crossing. Public interest in the project was revived after a YouTube video went viral that showed three bridges connecting different parts of the country. Sharq Crossing is Qatar’s ambitious development plan ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The project will navigate Doha Bay and will comprise bridge sections interconnected by an immersed tube tunnel to create a new passageway beneath the waters of Doha Bay. Completion of the project is expected by 2020 to support the run-up to the World Cup event. The project is being led from Fluor’s Doha office with support from the Abu Dhabi and Greenville, South Carolina, offices .



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